Complaint Forum

Complaint in respect of Insurance Policy

At Askari Life, we aim to provide the best customer service experience to all our clients, hence to simplify the process of complaint resolution, we have a dedicated forum where you can simply reach out to the designated person related to your issue.

Contact Person: Azfar Khan

Email Address:

Cell Number: 0333-2392630

Phone Number: (021) 35630421, 35630422, 35630423

Fax Number: (021) 35630429

Address: Room Number 802, 8th Floor, Lakson Square Building Number 01, Opp: Karachi Press Club, Sarwar Shaheed Road, Karachi.
In case of failure to resolve complaint in time, you can contact the SECP Service Desk. In case of a delay in resolution of complaint, you may escalate the issues in the following forums.

Insurance claim related issues can be sent to email address