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Insurance Solutions

We provide reliable services to address all your financial needs of now and the future. From individual and group life insurance solutions to travel and accidental insurance, Askari life promises to not only maintain its legacy of excellence but to always value and build your immeasurable trust.

  • Life Insurance

    • How many times have you heard the proverb ‘It’s better to be safe than sorry’? Life can be immensely unpredictable, and it is most definitely better to be covered for all occurrences.

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  • Group Life

    • Happy employees mean a happier workplace and in turn drive a successful business. With the ever-changing dynamics of the business environment, it is increasingly important to motivate your employees.

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  • Customization

    • If the ‘One Size Fits All’ philosophy doesn’t sound right, you don’t have to worry. With various add-ons (riders) and benefit structures, we have customization options for you.

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About Us

Askari Life Assurance Co. comes from a legacy of distinction and integrity. The parent group (AWT), was Formed in 1971 and comprises of a diversified business portfolio renowned in all major sectors of Pakistan including General Insurance, Aviation, CNG, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Sugar, Lubricants, Real Estate, Security Solutions and Information Technology.

50 Years of Dedication
20 Companies & Growing
28,000 Employees

A Culture of Excellence - A Tradition of Trust

AWT started with a modest asset base and high ambitions. Today, after 50 years of investments in various fields, we stand out amongst the business leaders. Ours is a story of perseverance, innovation, business acumen and going beyond the frontiers in Insurance, Aviation, CNG, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Sugar, Lubricants, Real Estate, Security Solutions and many other diverse fields. Our investments will go a long way in consolidating the national economy of Pakistan.

Management Team

Jehanzeb Zafar

Chief Executive Officer

Rehan Mobin

Chief Financial Officer

Azmatullah Sharif

Chief Operating Officer

What is life insurance?

Life insurance, often called a “policy”, between you and an insurance company to provide money to a person you designate, in the event of death (God forbid) during the time the contract is in force. In essence, during your lifetime you pay money, known as insurance premium, to the insurance company. Some types of life insurance also give the policy owner the right to “borrow” a portion of the “cash value” within a policy or to receive an “accelerated death benefit” if the policyholder becomes terminally ill or requires confinement in a long term care facility.

What is the connection between risk and life insurance?

Like other types of insurance, Risk insurance is based on the concept of sharing risk. For example, everyone understands that people who are 95 years old are far more likely to die in the coming year than those who are 35. Insurance companies use mortality tables to help them calculate the risk that members of various age groups will die. This permits life insurance companies to accurately calculate how much they should charge people who want to purchase life insurance coverage.

Are individual and corporate services available by Askari Life all over Pakistan?

Yes, all our offices and services are available in all major cities and remote areas of Pakistan.

What is the difference between individual and group insurance?

An employer/organization provides group life and/or health insurance to it’s employees in order to fulfill the requirements of labor laws and for the sake of providing benefits commensurate with other entities in their industry. Group insurance policies provide benefits in case of premature death, accident and/or hospitalization of the employees. These policies do not have maturity values. The concerned worker has benefits while they are associated with the organization. On the other hand, individual life plans have the benefits of a group policy as stated above and unique benefits of maturity value, pre-mature loan and partial withdrawals/cash values.


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    Head Office: Office No.1104,,
    11th Floor, Emerald Tower,
    Plot No. G-19, Block 5,
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    Karachi, Pakistan.