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Askari Muhaffiz Plan

"The Happiest people do not have the best of everything, they make the best of everything!"

Sometimes, we get so occupied with simply carrying on with the standard life and becoming acclimated to it that vulnerabilities are frequently overlooked. Notwithstanding this, we actually want to give the best life to our loved ones and consequently, plan our future in the most ideal way. The ongoing worldwide pandemic being Covid-19 that shook the world recently was a shocker for some as it made individuals value life much more. Life became more precious while relationships strengthened more than ever.

Looking at the situations that arise due to these circumstances, Askari Life extended the usual support and decided to be there for you always; to listen to you, to offer you advice and to create lively environments for you to thrive in. We want you to be resilient and stay put, because good times will soon arrive! So, with Askari Life, no matter what the conditions be, you will be motivated to live your life to the fullest!

Hence, in collaboration with Samba Bank, we Introduce ‘’Askari Muhaffiz Plan’’, a health and life protection plan that is specially designed considering how precious your life and health are, as it prepares you to face any unforeseen challenges without a doubt!