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Claim Procedure

  • Claim should be intimated in written form after the occurrence of insured contingent event.
  • The intimation should be made by post to the Head Office at Karachi or nearest branch or Zonal office of the Company.
  • Upon receipt of intimation, the claim department will note the intimation for further procedures after assessing type of claim and send a notification letter with requisition of initial documents.
  • Our Claim Department will be in contact with the claimant to try to gather all information and actual facts of the matter. The co-operation of the claimant will enable the Company to reach the final decision at the earliest.
  • After receiving all requisite documents of claim, Claim Department will check the papers in accordance with approved plan. All the papers will be forwarded to Internal Audit department to check the compliance of law and application of other Audit procedures.
  • Once the file is cleared by Internal Audit department, a discharge voucher will be sent for consent of claimant on the final claim amount and verification of signature by the respective bank along with claimants account number and branch information.
  • A cross cheque will be dispatched through your nearest branch as per details mentioned in the signed discharge voucher.

For inquiry on filed claims, please contact the claim department at claims@askarilife.com or contact us on our telephone numbers. In case of any grievance regarding claims, please feel free to send an e-mail direct to Senior Management of the company at help@askarilife.com.

While you submit your complain, please make sure to include

  • Your complete Name
  • Policy Number
  • Previous Complain (if any)
  • Current Postal Address
  • Active phone/mobile number