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Life Insurance

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From individual and group life insurance to travel insurance and accident insurance, we offer a wide range of insurance coverage products.

Individual Life Insurance

How many times have you heard the proverb ‘It’s better to be safe than sorry’? Life can be immensely unpredictable, and it is most definitely better to be covered for all occurrences. The unpredictability of life not only implicates to death, but also to the ever-changing dynamics of the financial sector that can cause serious inconveniences.

With zero discrimination to your role, our individual life insurance plans provide financial safety for any family related emergencies with a good cash value at the time of maturity

Our insurance plans have been carefully developed to suit your individual needs. Our insurance products provide maximum coverage in case of death or disability of the insured due to an incident, or even a reimbursement of medical expenses to the insured in case of an accident.

Our brochure for offered individual life insurance plan "Askari Nayab Plan" can be get by clicking here. Our brochure for offered individual life insurance plan "Askari Zarkhez Plan" can be get by clicking here

We also offer a variety of group accident insurance products and services to businesses, government agencies and other organizations of all sizes.