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Anmol Zindagi; Healthy Life, Better Future!

The recent global pandemic being Covid-19 that shook the world lately was an eye opener for many as it made people value life even more. Looking at the situations that arise due to such circumstances, Askari Life continues to be there for you always and to create lively environments for you to thrive in. So, no matter what the conditions be, live your life to the fullest!

"Anmol Zindagi" is a complete health and life protection plan through which you get the liberty to choose amongst a range of exclusively designed packages (A,B and Anmol Zindagi Plus) as per your specific needs and affordability offering the following benefits:

  • Exclusive financial protection against Covid-19
  • Upfront financial support for treatment of chronic diseases like Heart, Cancer, Organ transplant and Neurological disorders
  • Hospital’s stay daily expense will be covered for up to 60 days in case of an accident (Maximum coverage up to Rs. 300,000)
  • Opt all the above mentioned benefits for your spouse as well while ‘hospitalisation cash‘ benefit for your child (by paying a nominal amount).

Anmol Zindagi Plus: Upgrade to Anmol Zindagi Plus package and get a chance to avail all of the above mentioned benefits along with an exclusive ‘Hospitalisation Support’ feature offering reimbursement of hospital bills (up to maximum limit) in case you get admitted to a hospital due to sickness or any cause!Hence Anmol Zindagi lets you protect yours and your loved ones lives with a one stop solution to cater to all your health related concerns!